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twin power activate
I had my first ebay experience today. It was a ritualistic experience. I spotted an item I wanted. I clicked on watch item for faster tracking. Every few hours I signed on to check in on my prey. With 6 minutes left, I begin to bid. Eight other eager buyers jumped in on the game. Every 10 seconds another bid pushed the price up by five dollar increments. Despite their efforts, I remained the top bidder. Sixteen seconds, 10 seconds, five seconds, four, three, two, one...ding, ding, ding! Congratulations! You won the lot!

I'm now the proud owner of 96 Sweet Valley High books.

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oh. my. god.

sounds like something i would do for crochet hooks. okay, and for books read in my youth. though i never read many SVH books

There's an ebay market for crochet hooks? Wow, I'm really living in the dark ages!

I don't know that I'd recommend SVH. They are pretty much the equivalent of junk food. However, they were devoured by me during a particular hard spell in my childhood and I just felt the urge to read them again. I had a whole period in fourth grade when I read Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High and Christopher Pike books. After that, I started reading actual, my mind is ready for a break!!

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