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connect the dots
I met my downstairs neighbor tonight. Met met, not just exchanged names. I don't think that telling another person your name in passing really constitutes as meeting someone. I think to met someone is to have a fishing conversation, and not about bass. Fishing for details. Fishing for that connection that we all strive for in relationships, be it friend or otherwise. That common link, whether it be a shared hobby or a mutual friend. I think it's interesting that even in the small amount of years I've been alive my common link with strangers is easy to find. I've not been in high school for nine years and still, after an hour conversation with my neighbor we discovered that we have a friend in common. I'm completely infatuated with these kinds of coincidences. Especially since I'm the type of person who struggles to step away from the past, yet something or someone always manages to bring me back.

I'm not a science person. I don't really understand the human body in the least, and this next comment may sound nutty and naive but sometimes I feel like my left ear is directly linked to my heart. When I'm alone and it's very quiet my heart starts to beat loudly in my ear, it sounds like ocean waves washing over a beach, echo-ie and rhythmic. I feel as though I've lifted a shell to my ear.

I hear it now.


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