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delta out
So my journal keeping skills leave something to be desired, noted by the little "80 weeks since last entry" reminder from livejournal. I like the principals behind keeping a log of my life, thoughts and daily events, but I lack the patience to sit down and write/type it. In that regard I wish I was rich and could afford a personal assistant to dictate to and then the record of my life would be cake to maintain. Clearly, I am far from rich since my last entry was in 2006.

I could spend a few hours rehashing the last two years of my life, or I could just jump in and start fresh from this moment. I think I'm going to opt for the latter.

I only have three boxes left to unpack and I will officially be moved in to our new place. Those three boxes however, are quite daunting. You see, I've run out of space to put things, and I don't remember what is packed inside those lovely brown boxes so they are still taking up residence in the middle of my bedroom floor. I wish I had the guts to just toss them but I'll never be able to put that nagging curious voice to rest about what was inside them. So, instead of unpacking them, yet again, I am wasting time on the computer. Now by my description you may think that those boxes have been there for months, but it really hasn't been that long. We moved in on May 1st so just a little over a month. But, to my defense, this move has been kind of hectic. We decided to move on the spur of the moment and began packing the very next day. Some friends of ours were moving out of their separate apartments into a single abode but something didn't work out the way they planned and they were running out of time. I had always liked Adam's apartment and they asked if we'd be interested in moving into that apartment with him and his fiance. His roommates were moving out, two guys, and Adam and Jecka wouldn't be able to afford the place alone. Our lease was up, the new place was bigger, even with roommates, and it had washer/dryer hookups, huge improvements in my eyes! I really loathe the laundry mat. So, we thought, why not? We don't have kids yet, we're still young, rent would be cheaper, we'd be able to split utilities, let's do it. The next day, Josh came home with three of his guy friends and started taking all of our "big" furniture items to the new place. We gave a 30 day notice at the old place, so we had plenty of time to vacate. Well, looking at a calendar it seemed that way. May was a very busy month. We had to pack the old place, clean the old place, clean the new place (three guys living there, gross) unpack the new place plus I started summer classes, Josh and I went on a "family" vacation with his family: Mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, niece and the two of us. In Gatlinburg. For six days. Yikes.

Actually, the trip was a lot more fun than we expected it to be. Once we arrived at the hotel, and checked into our room, we opened the huge curtain and looked down on the tiny town littered with crappy stores, carnival food and Ripley's attractions, we decided to just jump in and forget the fact that we spend time mocking Gatlinburg vacationers. We went to the aquarium, played black light mini golf, ate hordes of pancakes at the 50 plus pancake houses, swam every night and even explored the Great Smoky Mountains. We went on a few nature hikes, and of course to Clingman's Dome. Most of all, oddly enough, we enjoyed getting to know our two year old niece. She's a pretty cool kid.

It's now June. We are completely out of the old place. We've unpacked most of our things. We've hung pictures on the walls. We are growing somewhat accustomed to living with roommates. We are back from our vacation. We are ready to get our lives in shape.

So begins this journal.


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