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Today was by far the best day I've had at the bookstore. We had a blackout on campus for three hours and it was awesome! Getting paid to hang out, read erotica, eat pizza and laugh at each other is the life. At 10am almost on the dot, something blew up at the main electrical plant for the university. Because of what all the plant controls they couldn't just cut everything back on at once so it took an hour to get everything up and running again. Well, as soon as they did, 15 minutes later a transformer blew up! So it was another hour or so before they got it fixed again.

This has been one of the only days where everyone in the bookstore seemed to be in a fantastic mood, we all got along and enjoyed each others company. Afterward, a few of us had to walk out in the freezing windy weather, so we all went together in this power stride walk because Amanda can not walk slow. She seems to have a natural caffine high and it's quite entertaining!!

After Josh got home we went to Game Stop and picked up Viva Pinata and so far it is the cutest, most colorful, fun game I've played in awhile! Just calm, sweet entertainment. However, our tv started acting up so we went out and got a new television. It's our Christmas present to each other so there goes our Christmas! Oh well! At least we got something that we wanted and we don't have to wait to enjoy it. We're still going to get each other stocking stuffer presents so that should be fun. It's hard to find awesome small presents sometimes. Especially small presents that are a surprise.

So, I foresee myself staying up late to play my new game and sleeping for a long, long time tomorrow!

Night, night!


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