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A few sprinkles of genius and a chance of doom

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Robotically Yours
28 April
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$240 worth of pudding, adbusters, alias, amélie, animals, art, art history, back massages, banana splits, being a smart ass, being irish, being loved, being naked, being neighborly, being stubborn, ben folds five, biting, blink-182, bloodhound gang, blue, books, bottle caps, browsing, buddha statues, buffy, buttons, candles, cartoon socks, character roles, chocolate milk, chuck palahniuk, clipping from magazines, collecting everything, comforters, comfy furniture, comic books, corny t.v. shows, cow bell, cute cartoon animals, cutting and pasting, decorating, dennis leary, dill pickles, doc holliday, doing the snugglebug, driving, drummers, fall, family guy, fight club, final fantasy, fine point pens, fish ponds, flea markets, fruit rollups, gibberish, glass bottles, good friends, growing vegatables, guitar, harry potter, henry miller, hoodies, hourglasses, indiana jones, jack kerouac, james bond, jason lee, jim carrey, jolt cola, jones soda, joshua david boyd, journaling, knitting, kurt vonnegut, late night shows, lauging, lilies, little independant resturants, long conversations, long walks, lotion, louisville, macked out cars, mail, making friends, making furniture, making gifts, making up words, mallo cups, mashed potatoes, mitch hedburg, mixed cds, mob movies, mountain dew freezes, movies, muppets, old vw bugs, ollie, organizing, painting, parks, performing arts, photography, photoshop, piercings, pitching nipples, play fighting, plotting, poison the well, porch swings, pressed fairies, radio head, rainbows, random stairs, running in the rain, russell stovers truffles, shoes, siblings, skateboarders, sleeping in, sneetches, snow, snow globes, snuggling, stand up comedy, stars, stephen lynch, storms, stray cats, stuffed animals, superman, sweaters, swimming, talking about caddy day, tattoos, teaching, teasing, tekken, the princess bride, the simpsons, the sims, the state, traveling, uno, vampire movies, waffle house, william s. burroughs, winding country roads, yaga