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Josh and I decided to get in the Christmas spirit yesterday. We bought a Santa cookie jar, and came home to start decorating. We pulled out all of the Christmas boxes and laughed at the things we forgot we had. We put in a Christmas CD, made some hot chocolate and smores and watched Elf. After putting up lights and little do-dads, we realized that we threw our Christmas tree from last year away! Last year, apparently, we decided we wanted a pre-lit tree and that if we threw our tree away it would force us to buy a new tree...but we both forgot and we won't have enough money until Josh gets paid on Friday! One more week until tree time in the Boyd household.

I have an addiction...I can't stop playing Viva Pinata! I stayed up until 5am last night playing that game...I decided to be nice and let Josh play his game for a little bit today even though I'm dying to play right now.


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