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In other news...Josh, Rick and I went to a preview screening of V for Vendetta yesterday. Utterly amazing. There were a few scenes that gave me chills. I absolutely loved it. It was smart, witty, and had a good story (one that hit a little too close to home) I can't really see myself watching it over and over again, but I definitely want to own it. Even though I think it's kind of corny myself, the audience clapped when it was over. (The actors can't hear you silly!)

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hey stranger, whats going on. you guys never pick up the phone. it's chillin time!:)

You haven't called me in ages. I have caller ID dude, I can tell.

i'll be coming back from new york on tuesday night , then the next day we should hang out. depending on how the trip goes, we may have something to celibrate.

plus there is a new BFA show the next day on thur. my roomate and my g/f both have work in it. i think kristin Knutsen does too. you remember her. anyway its free with free food. good work aswell.

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