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Sky Seasoning

Today has been dreamlike. Every article I read seems like something out of a dream. I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye. I've been hearing noises that don't exist. Snippets of conversations from the walls and floors of my apartment. When I walked around to discover the source of the voices, my cat followed me as if she heard them too.

I think I'm still asleep.

think positive
Tonight was the start of the Iroquois Amphitheatre musicals, to which I have season tickets courtesy of Josh's mother. The opening number: Willy Wonka. I walked away with mixed feelings. First off, the actor playing Willa Wonka was great. Of course, I am a little bias because he also starred in my favorite play two years ago, Brigadoon. Many of the actors should find new hobbies. It may sound harsh, but when you are charging for seats to an outdoor theatre in the heat of summer, you better cast professional actors. I felt as thought I was in a high school auditorium.

That being said, the play did have a few redeeming qualities. The costumes were marvelous. I would show you pictures, but the amphitheatre has a strict no camera policy. Willy Wonka's velvet suit jacket with hot pink and orange trim around the cuffs and under the flipped up, curly jacket tails was superb. The Oompa Loompa's  costumes were over sized white overalls over purple turtle necks and accented with purple wigs. I didn't miss the orange and green one bit.

One of my favorite scenes in the whole play, and probably the only reason I walked away with positive feelings about the experience was the journey on the boat down the chocolate river. I was very curious how they were going to pull it off and I was pleasantly surprised. The entire stage was pitch black. Black lights came on and illuminated the bright, white Wonka boat. Only bits and pieces of the actors clothes glowed. Stage hands dressed head to toe in black held cutouts of leaf-like shapes in neon greens and oranges. They fluttered and danced across the stage to give the illusion that the boat was moving. It really brought to life the psychedelic scene in the movie. It was wondrous.

Goodnight Charlie Bucket.

twin power activate
I had my first ebay experience today. It was a ritualistic experience. I spotted an item I wanted. I clicked on watch item for faster tracking. Every few hours I signed on to check in on my prey. With 6 minutes left, I begin to bid. Eight other eager buyers jumped in on the game. Every 10 seconds another bid pushed the price up by five dollar increments. Despite their efforts, I remained the top bidder. Sixteen seconds, 10 seconds, five seconds, four, three, two, one...ding, ding, ding! Congratulations! You won the lot!

I'm now the proud owner of 96 Sweet Valley High books.

connect the dots
I met my downstairs neighbor tonight. Met met, not just exchanged names. I don't think that telling another person your name in passing really constitutes as meeting someone. I think to met someone is to have a fishing conversation, and not about bass. Fishing for details. Fishing for that connection that we all strive for in relationships, be it friend or otherwise. That common link, whether it be a shared hobby or a mutual friend. I think it's interesting that even in the small amount of years I've been alive my common link with strangers is easy to find. I've not been in high school for nine years and still, after an hour conversation with my neighbor we discovered that we have a friend in common. I'm completely infatuated with these kinds of coincidences. Especially since I'm the type of person who struggles to step away from the past, yet something or someone always manages to bring me back.

I'm not a science person. I don't really understand the human body in the least, and this next comment may sound nutty and naive but sometimes I feel like my left ear is directly linked to my heart. When I'm alone and it's very quiet my heart starts to beat loudly in my ear, it sounds like ocean waves washing over a beach, echo-ie and rhythmic. I feel as though I've lifted a shell to my ear.

I hear it now.

delta out
So my journal keeping skills leave something to be desired, noted by the little "80 weeks since last entry" reminder from livejournal. I like the principals behind keeping a log of my life, thoughts and daily events, but I lack the patience to sit down and write/type it. In that regard I wish I was rich and could afford a personal assistant to dictate to and then the record of my life would be cake to maintain. Clearly, I am far from rich since my last entry was in 2006.

I could spend a few hours rehashing the last two years of my life, or I could just jump in and start fresh from this moment. I think I'm going to opt for the latter.

I only have three boxes left to unpack and I will officially be moved in to our new place. Those three boxes however, are quite daunting. You see, I've run out of space to put things, and I don't remember what is packed inside those lovely brown boxes so they are still taking up residence in the middle of my bedroom floor. I wish I had the guts to just toss them but I'll never be able to put that nagging curious voice to rest about what was inside them. So, instead of unpacking them, yet again, I am wasting time on the computer. Now by my description you may think that those boxes have been there for months, but it really hasn't been that long. We moved in on May 1st so just a little over a month. But, to my defense, this move has been kind of hectic. We decided to move on the spur of the moment and began packing the very next day. Some friends of ours were moving out of their separate apartments into a single abode but something didn't work out the way they planned and they were running out of time. I had always liked Adam's apartment and they asked if we'd be interested in moving into that apartment with him and his fiance. His roommates were moving out, two guys, and Adam and Jecka wouldn't be able to afford the place alone. Our lease was up, the new place was bigger, even with roommates, and it had washer/dryer hookups, huge improvements in my eyes! I really loathe the laundry mat. So, we thought, why not? We don't have kids yet, we're still young, rent would be cheaper, we'd be able to split utilities, let's do it. The next day, Josh came home with three of his guy friends and started taking all of our "big" furniture items to the new place. We gave a 30 day notice at the old place, so we had plenty of time to vacate. Well, looking at a calendar it seemed that way. May was a very busy month. We had to pack the old place, clean the old place, clean the new place (three guys living there, gross) unpack the new place plus I started summer classes, Josh and I went on a "family" vacation with his family: Mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, niece and the two of us. In Gatlinburg. For six days. Yikes.

Actually, the trip was a lot more fun than we expected it to be. Once we arrived at the hotel, and checked into our room, we opened the huge curtain and looked down on the tiny town littered with crappy stores, carnival food and Ripley's attractions, we decided to just jump in and forget the fact that we spend time mocking Gatlinburg vacationers. We went to the aquarium, played black light mini golf, ate hordes of pancakes at the 50 plus pancake houses, swam every night and even explored the Great Smoky Mountains. We went on a few nature hikes, and of course to Clingman's Dome. Most of all, oddly enough, we enjoyed getting to know our two year old niece. She's a pretty cool kid.

It's now June. We are completely out of the old place. We've unpacked most of our things. We've hung pictures on the walls. We are growing somewhat accustomed to living with roommates. We are back from our vacation. We are ready to get our lives in shape.

So begins this journal.

(no subject)
Josh and I decided to get in the Christmas spirit yesterday. We bought a Santa cookie jar, and came home to start decorating. We pulled out all of the Christmas boxes and laughed at the things we forgot we had. We put in a Christmas CD, made some hot chocolate and smores and watched Elf. After putting up lights and little do-dads, we realized that we threw our Christmas tree from last year away! Last year, apparently, we decided we wanted a pre-lit tree and that if we threw our tree away it would force us to buy a new tree...but we both forgot and we won't have enough money until Josh gets paid on Friday! One more week until tree time in the Boyd household.

I have an addiction...I can't stop playing Viva Pinata! I stayed up until 5am last night playing that game...I decided to be nice and let Josh play his game for a little bit today even though I'm dying to play right now.

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Today was by far the best day I've had at the bookstore. We had a blackout on campus for three hours and it was awesome! Getting paid to hang out, read erotica, eat pizza and laugh at each other is the life. At 10am almost on the dot, something blew up at the main electrical plant for the university. Because of what all the plant controls they couldn't just cut everything back on at once so it took an hour to get everything up and running again. Well, as soon as they did, 15 minutes later a transformer blew up! So it was another hour or so before they got it fixed again.

This has been one of the only days where everyone in the bookstore seemed to be in a fantastic mood, we all got along and enjoyed each others company. Afterward, a few of us had to walk out in the freezing windy weather, so we all went together in this power stride walk because Amanda can not walk slow. She seems to have a natural caffine high and it's quite entertaining!!

After Josh got home we went to Game Stop and picked up Viva Pinata and so far it is the cutest, most colorful, fun game I've played in awhile! Just calm, sweet entertainment. However, our tv started acting up so we went out and got a new television. It's our Christmas present to each other so there goes our Christmas! Oh well! At least we got something that we wanted and we don't have to wait to enjoy it. We're still going to get each other stocking stuffer presents so that should be fun. It's hard to find awesome small presents sometimes. Especially small presents that are a surprise.

So, I foresee myself staying up late to play my new game and sleeping for a long, long time tomorrow!

Night, night!

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Josh and I had dinner at his parents house yesterday. It was actually not bad. As in being there, not the food part, that part is always good but sometimes I find it hard to be around Josh's mom. She just has a really overbearing personality that I can't tolerate or be comfortable with. I always feel on edge like I'm being judged so I never enjoy myself. However, we managed to co-exist quite nicely last night.

Heidi called yesterday. I didn't have a chance to talk to her as long as we usually do, since I was at Josh's parents house and that would have been rude but we did chat for a few minutes. I can't believe it's been 2 and a half years since she moved. I've seen her since then, but still I haven't seen her since last Christmas. It's weird to have an out of state best friend. When I make a new friend I feel like I'm cheating on Heidi or I always compare them to Heidi in this weird way. Sometimes I feel guilty because I don't stay in touch better than I do. We call each other every few weeks but I've sent her maybe one letter and one or two emails. I just don't think about it. Well, I don't think about it when I actually have the time to do it. Anyway, I miss her, that's all.

It is VERY windy today. I woke up at 7am to the wind rattling the windows. I'm not looking forward to walking here in a few minutes but I must go to work. Since I started taking Thursdays off so I can be home with Josh it feels like I miss a whole week when I'm gone. I go back and things have been moved, this has happen, or that went wrong...I enjoy my day off, but I panic about what I missed.

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Josh has been sick the past few days. I feel bad for him because I'm the one who is usually sick and he is NEVER sick so I don't really know what to do for him. I bought him some Aleve Cold & Sinus and I remind him to take it but other than that I'm clueless. Mostly because I'm a big baby when I'm sick. I like to be taken care of so I don't really have the hang of taking care of someone. Probably not a good thing since I want to have oodles of kids someday.

Because Josh is sick, his nose is all stuffy and that means he has been snoring...Loudly...all night with the snoring! And he usually snores but this is different, this is booming in my ear snoring which means I can't all. Normally I would just nudge him and he would rouse and roll over or something, giving me enough time to fall asleep. Now, he's sick and I feel bad and I want him to get all of the much needed rest he can so I don't have the heart to nudge him. I'm going on four days with no sleep. Yesterday I was so sleep deprived that when I got home from work I fell asleep on the couch. Yeah it was sleep and all but it was also only 6pm which means that I woke up at 2:30am wide awake. I played a video game until 5:00 then I made the schedule for work, worked on some textbook paperwork and at 6:00 I took a shower then at 6:30 I woke Josh up. He was not happy, but he always says he would like to get up earlier so he can have time to gather himself before he has to rush out the door for work. I ignored him during his waking up process (major grumpy pants) then I made him some breakfast and a fresh pot of coffee. I loaded the dishwasher, cleaned off the counters and gathered all of the trash. At 7:00, Josh was leaving for work so I decided to just get a ride from him and go in to work early, hoping I could leaving early in turn. Well, I started putting up the shelftags for the new courses and everything was fine and dandy until I got to Law. Law decided to add 30 more books and I had no space for them. I had to go all the way back to the English section and shift everything one isle at a time to make space for the law books. By the time I finished it was my regularly scheduled time to leave. Now, after 9 straight hours of standing on my feet in skimpy shoes on concrete my feet are pounding with achy pain. My whole body aches but it's only 6:30pm once again and I can't go to sleep now!

At least these are my only problems right now. I've had worse, others have had far worse so if the least of my worries is a restless night consider me pleased.

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Wow! It's been a long time! 8 months to be exact. I thought I'd go over and try the myspace thing, mostly because my best friend got a myspace account and that would be a good way for us to keep in touch. So many things have changed/happened that I don't even know where to start with an update so I think I'm just going to say Hello and type this litte paragraph here to get back in the swing of things and go from there.

I'm back! wOOt. or not. ;)


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